About us


Welcome to Beautivibe! A place where you deserve to feel better.
We were colleagues, friends, we dated for years and then got married in 2019. We both worked as professional travel advisors; however, had some different passions.
Beautivibe is a platform where we express our intriguing love for beauty and makeup products digitally. Reviewing and exploring various makeup and skincare products was Chetna’s hobby since she was a child, and getting into digital ethics of business was Puneet’s cup of tea. This desire has now turned into our full-time passion. Beautivibe is a one-stop destination for all the beauty/skincare lovers. All the products described/reviewed are based on personal honest study and evaluation.


Chetna Chhabra (Owner & Co-founder)

A storyteller, a professional travel advisor and a beauty enthusiast. After spending more than six years of sitting beside a desk in several corporate organizations, I finally decided to earn, save and pursue my dreams of knowing & exploring beauty.
Since the age of 10, I was very fascinated with makeup and beauty products, however, I wasn’t able to pursue my dreams because of corporate jobs. But destiny has some different plans for me. In 2020, during COVID times, I was able to invest more time on my dream and to put it into action finally!
My obsession includes:
Exploring makeup and & beauty products.
Buying makeup & beauty products.
Finally applying those beauties.❤️

Puneet Bhardwaj (Owner & Co-founder)

Despite working as a digital travel marketer and playing around with pen, paper and documents in a reputed travel firm in UAE over the past few years, Puneet still was not getting the desired happiness that he was looking for. He always had a strong desire to work as an entrepreneur. Through this website, he finally got a chance to work for the desired goal. Puneet now passionately manages all the marketing and editing services for BV.